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Don’t ruin a great burger with thin, cheap cheese!

Pure Dairy is driven by the passion of providing finest quality cheeses to cheese lovers in Australia and across the world. Whether that’s our Hi Melt American burger cheese slices, or Natural Cheddar Slices or Thin Slices, we offer the very best for cheese lovers. Rigorously trained in the art of cheese making, our team of Cheesemongers have made Australia’s #1 selling American burger cheese* and a range of natural cheddar cheeses that have won top honours at the International Cheese and Dairy Awards.**

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  • Natural Cheddar

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  • Mexi Shred Blend

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  • Swiss Cheese Slices

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  • Anita Cheese Sauce

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Pure Dairy offers three types of burger cheese slices that make up for making the great burgers, sandwiches, and baguette. The Hi-Melt Burger slices sit atop in terms of popularity. Its 24-gram slice and a high-melting point is ideal to craft a great burger. Next in the line is the Thins Burger Slices. While having all the goodness of Hi-Melt Burger Cheese, Thins Burger Slices are the #1 economical choice for making a great burger. And the third one is the Natural Cheddar Slices.
Pure Dairy Natural Cheddar Slices are slices cut from real block of cheddar cheese with traditional mild cheddar flavour. Its colour provides a distinct point of difference from other cheddar cheese on the shelves. It is best for adding delicious flavour to any hand-crafted sandwich baguette or burger. It is one of the best options for burger lovers who prefer natural cheddar cheese slices to American or processed cheese slices in Australia.
Pure Dairy Hi Melt Burger Cheese is the best American cheese slice in Australia and essential for making great burgers. It is Australia’s top-selling burger cheese and is the cheese of choice for burger specialists across the country. Chances are that you may have already enjoyed a burger made with our burger cheese!
Pure Dairy’s Hi-Melt Burger Cheese and its Thins Burger Slices are two of the best available American Cheeses in Australia. With the highest cheese content, creamy flavour and texture makes it Ideal for making great burgers, Pure Dairy Burger Cheese is crafted by expert cheesemongers who love American cheese and great burgers.
Pure Dairy Natural Cheddar Slices are sold through a network of wholesale distributors throughout Australia. Currently we do not sell in to retail, If you are interested in adding Natural cheddar to your menu please send us your inquiry using the contact form (product code NAT 900) and we will get back to you with the details.
Pure Dairy High Melt and Thins Slices are sold through a network of wholesale distributors throughout Australia. Currently, we do not sell into retail, If you want to take your burgers to the next level please send us your inquiry using the contact form, product code HIM 227 FOR High Melt and product code THI227 for Thins. One of our sales team members will get back to you.
You can buy Hi-Melt Burger Cheese, the best-selling American Cheese slices in Australia, right here on the Burger Cheese from us. Simply send us your order details in the contact form below and one of our sales team members will get back to you with additional details.
If you are a distributor this will depend on your location. Upon sending us your inquiry, one of our sales team members will get in touch and you can get a detailed answer about the delivery timings. Please note that we do not sell direct and have a minimum order quantity or 1 Pallet, we are happy to provide a mixed pallet.


Milk Type Cow
Tasting Note Has a mild cheddar flavour
Manufacturer Name Pure Dairy
Brand Pure Dairy
Country Of Origin United States
Unpasteurised No
Pack Weight 900g
Animal Rennet Yes


Serving Size 1 slice approx 22.5g
Servings Per Pack 40
Energy 1575kj / 100g
Protein 23.3g / 100g
Fat 31.2g / 100g
Saturated Fat 22g / 100g
Carbohydrates 3.16g / 100g
Sugars 2.2g / 100g
Energy Per Serve 358g / serve
Protein Per Serve 5.3g / serve
Fat Per Serve 7.1g / serve
Saturated Fat Per Serve 5g / serve
Carbohydrates Per Serve 1g / serve
Sugars Per Serve 0.5g / serve
Ingredients Pasteurized Milk, Cheese Cultures, Salt, Enzymes, Anatto


Allergen Statement DAIRY
Storage Condition Chilled: 2 to 5 degrees
Serving Suggestion Perfect in hamburgers, sandwiches and baguettes
Halal Yes
Kosher Yes
Gluten Free Yes
Organic No
Dairy Free No
Gmo Free No

Package size: 2.27 Kg

Temperature control: +2 Degrees Celsius

NUTRIENT AVG QUANTITY PER SERVE %DI per serve AVG Quantity per 100 g
Energy 431KJ 5% 1540 kJ
Protein, total 5.07 g 10% 18.1 g
- Gluten unavailable unavailable
Fat, total 8.57 g 12% 30.6 g
- Saturated 21.0 g 22% 18.9 g
- Trans fat 0.308 g 1.1 g
- Polyunsaturated 0.392 g 1.4 g
- Monounsaturated 2.52 g 9 g
Cholesterol 26.7 mg 95.3 mg
Carbohydrate 1.65 g 0.50% 5.9 g
- Sugars 0.896 g 1.00% 3.2 g
Dietary fibre, total 0.028 g ~0% 0.1 g
Sodium 504 mg 22% 1800 mg

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“Nothing compares to Pure Dairy HI-Melt burger slices; it melts and holds like nothing else.”

Sarah Robbins @ Bar Luca, B L Burgers

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“Anita Cheese Sauce, consistency saves us endless amounts of preparation time and money in our high volume stores”

Terri Tep @ Royal Stacks

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“We were so stoked to change over to the Pure Dairy Hi-Melt cheese when introduced to it, next level in burger goodness!!”

Warren Turnbull @ Chur Burger

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“Frustrated with queues at Costco running out. I'm glad I found Pure Dairy cheese”

Steve @ Cafe 51

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“Pure Dairy burger cheese is the only cheese you should consider using to cloak your beef”

Jimmy @ Easey's

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“Pure Dairy covers our burgers with the best cheese and our pizzas with the best feta!”

Jay @ Lazerpig

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“Pure Dairy's Hi-Melt burger cheese is a big part of our burgers success. Never ever lets us down!”

Jimmy @ Mr. Scruffs