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Pure Dairy is inspired by a desire to provide the highest quality cheeses to food services venues
across Australia. We provide the best American cheese slices for restaurants and
chefs to create the best burgers in the world.

Our team of Cheesemongers have been rigorously educated in the art of cheese production and have created Australia’s number 1 selling American sliced cheese. The distinction is apparent from the first taste, with its unrivalled creaminess and utility perfectly complimenting any high-quality burger. Unlike many of its cheaper competitors, the Pure Dairy American cheese slices don’t leach fat or water when heated, nor are they loaded with chemicals to conceal the flavour of inferior beef. They are the key to creating burgers with an amazing flavour and with an exceptional melt.

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  • Hi-Melt

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  • Cheese Curds

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  • Natural Cheddar

    american cheddar - the burger cheese
  • Mexi Shred Blend

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  • Swiss Cheese Slices

    american cheese in australia - the burger cheese
  • Anita Cheese Sauce

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American Sliced Cheese from Pure Dairy is one of the greatest American cheeses available in Australia. Pure Dairy Burger Cheese is made by skilled cheesemongers who love American cheese and delicious burgers. It has the highest cheese content, creamy flavour, and texture, making it ideal for producing superb burgers. The greatest American cheese slices in Australia are from Pure Dairy.
You've probably had a burger with our burger cheese on it before, without knowing. The delicious cheese slices provided by Pure Dairy are distributed across Australia via a network of wholesalers. They come in 24-gram slices and have a high melting point making them excellent for adding to a delicious burger. Our Burger cheese slices are the most cost-effective way to make terrific burgers, with all the goodness of our American cheese slices.
We sell Australia's best-selling American cheese slices in bulk. Simply fill out the contact form below with your order information, and one of our sales representatives will contact you with further information. Pure Dairy sells three different varieties of burger cheese slices for crafting delicious burgers, sandwiches, and baguettes. In terms of popularity, the Hi-Melt Burger slices are the most popular.

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“Nothing compares to Pure Dairy HI-Melt burger slices; it melts and holds like nothing else.”

Sarah Robbins @ Bar Luca, B L Burgers

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“Anita Cheese Sauce, consistency saves us endless amounts of preparation time and money in our high volume stores”

Terri Tep @ Royal Stacks

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“We were so stoked to change over to the Pure Dairy Hi-Melt cheese when introduced to it, next level in burger goodness!!”

Warren Turnbull @ Chur Burger

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“Frustrated with queues at Costco running out. I'm glad I found Pure Dairy cheese”

Steve @ Cafe 51

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“Pure Dairy burger cheese is the only cheese you should consider using to cloak your beef”

Jimmy @ Easey's

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“Pure Dairy covers our burgers with the best cheese and our pizzas with the best feta!”

Jay @ Lazerpig

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“Pure Dairy's Hi-Melt burger cheese is a big part of our burgers success. Never ever lets us down!”

Jimmy @ Mr. Scruffs